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Friday, December 4, 2020
Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Specialized care guaranteed in local Ophthalmological Center

Camagüey, Oct 14.- With all the measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, the Ophthalmological Center of this province develops its usual functions, after the restoration of hospital services in the midst of the current epidemiological situation.

The number of patients was limited to the consultations offered on a daily basis by more than 20 specialists, who must go, mostly, unaccompanied, as one of the main measures adopted, in order to avoid crowds of people.

Those affected by different pathologies are referred from the primary health units to the Center, among which cataracts, diabetic retinopathies, glaucoma, thrombosis and vascular diseases of the retinas stand out, Olga Lidia told ACN.

Although professionals with this knowledge work in the polyclinics of the territory, patients go to the consultations of the specialties, located in the Manuel Ascunce Domenech University Hospital, of this city.

The services provided in the facility are those of retina, neurophthamology, glaucoma and low vision, within the posterior segment of the organ, while, belonging to the anterior segment, are those of refractive surgery, cornea, cataract and oculoplasty in annexes such as eyelids, conjunctivae and pathways tear ducts.

Olga Lidia stressed that, among the surgical interventions currently carried out, there are those related to eyelid and conjunctival tumors - most of which require a biopsy - and pterygium, popularly known as meatiness.

Although with limitations, the performance of dilations and studies of the lacrimal ducts is maintained, and surgeries in the event that the afflicted deserve it, associated or not with other specialties such as Otorhinolaryngology, all depending on individual characteristics.

The doctor explained that the neuro-ophthalmology services continue, linked to the neurology and neurosurgery of the Hospital, from where patients come to be evaluated with brain injuries that affect cortices and visual pathways, or others that come from the health areas or the guardhouse.

Established in the first five years of this century, the Ophthalmology Center also guarantees the constant training of professionals, with the premise of helping to avoid the decrease or loss of vision in Camagüey people with diseases of this type. (Text and photo: ACN)