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Sunday, January 17, 2021
Thursday, October 15, 2020

Alicia Alonso homaged on her 100th anniversary until 2021

La Habana, 15 oct.- Viengsay Valdes, director general of the National Ballet of Cuba (BNC) announced that the tribute to Alicia Alonso prima ballerina assoluta (1920-2019) for its centenary, will be expanded from the day of his birthday , next December 21, until the next in 2021, "in order to be able to fulfill the glory that corresponds to him." 

In the year of his centenary we have not been able to honor him at the height he deserves and that we desire, the renowned dancer confessed in a statement issued in the context of the Day of Cuban Culture, a celebration that is dedicated this year to the highest figure of the ballet in the largest of the Antilles.

The director of the BNC recalled that this October 17th marks a year since the physical disappearance of Alicia Alonso, "the most extraordinary classical dancer born in Cuba."

According to Valdés, her name is inscribed with honors in the books of the universal history of dance and "those of us who knew her and exchanged with her in life feel fortunate, as well as the public who could one day enjoy her art."

For the first Cuban dancer, the perseverance, the demand, the interpretive and technical quality, the passion for dance and the determination of Alonso are qualities that few artists combine and in her they were combined to show a dancer capable of leaving a mark in any stage.

Alicia was unique in her way of dancing and is the paradigm of the Cuban ballet school. His aesthetic taste and temperament today identify us in any part of the world, he stressed.

He also stressed that in a period as difficult as that of the current Covid-19 pandemic, artists need to cling "more and more to their ideal as a dancer, to that boundless dedication from the heart, to the iron will to polish up to the minimum technical details, the self-demand and the commitment to dance ". (Text and photo: PL)