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Wednesday, October 28, 2020
Saturday, October 17, 2020

Tourism contributes 24 million dollars to health system in Cuba

Havana, Oct 17.- In the last 25 years, workers in the tourism sector contributed more than 24 million dollars to the health system, Víctor Lemagne, general secretary of the National Hospitality and Tourism Union, reported today.

The official valued this altruistic monetary contribution, arising from the initiative of a worker from the Gran Caribe hotel group.

He recalled that in the context of the decriminalization of the currency in the 90s of the last century, a process was developed so that part of the tip collected was also received by indirect workers and the hospital in Cárdenas, province of Matanzas.

He pointed out that this altruistic, supportive, voluntary and widely participative task, year after year, is around a million dollars.

Lemagne highlighted groups that have a 10 percent surcharge to the client and almost 50 percent are contributed to health, such as the Cabaret Tropicana, today the largest contributor in the country with more than a quarter of a million dollars in annual tips to fighting cancer.

As a transcendent fact, he also highlighted the gesture of the workers of the OSDE Cubasol de Transtur to donate this year more than 11 thousand CUC to the Covid-19 account in these complex conditions and since no tourists are received, they are doing it from their own salary, he stressed.

Regarding the opening to international tourism, Lemagne stressed that an extraordinary effort is being made in coordination with the Ministry of Public Health, first of all, for the reopening of facilities, which have to be certified by Public Health and the Ministry of Tourism.

Thus, he pointed out, compliance with the established protocols and requirements in the international order by the standards established by the World Health Organization, but also by the World Tourism Organization, must prevail.

He said that the country has been preparing and took the first steps with the decision to receive international tourists in the northern keys of Villa Clara and Cayo Coco, in the center of the country.

There we have, he said, a group of facilities that provide service with the arrival of two weekly flights of Canadian tourism, which is our main source country, and we are satisfied that none of our workers fell ill.

At present, the tourism sector, with more than 84 thousand workers, has 220 brigades made up of seven fronts - blood donations, food production, support for retail trade, investments and room recovery -, of which 25 work in hospitals across the country in the confrontation with Covid-19 and of them 10 are in the capital, he said.

The labor leader stressed that in the coming days they will commemorate the 25th anniversary of the union's constitution with the pride and satisfaction of leading a mature union, with a class workforce and having many young workers. (Text and photo: PL)