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Tuesday, December 1, 2020
Saturday, October 17, 2020

Cuba highlights French support for vaccine development

Havana, Oct 17 - Cuba thanked France for its support and cooperation for the development of vaccines in the Caribbean nation, according to official sources.

Through its Twitter account, the Finlay Vaccine Institute (IFV) highlighted the excellent collaborative relationships that have been forged over the last two years between the European country and that Cuban entity BioCubaFarma.

Previously, French authorities offered details about the meeting between the French ambassador to Cuba, Patrice Paoli; and Dr. Vicente Vélez, general director of the Finlay Institute.

Both parties discussed Franco-Cuban cooperation in the vaccine sector, which has had the support of the French Development Agency on the island, according to a message on Twitter from the French diplomatic headquarters in Havana.

The Finlay Vaccine Institute is in charge of Soberana 01, the first Cuban and Latin American vaccine against Covid-19 that is in the clinical trial phase.

Soberana 01 is an adaptive, multicenter, controlled and randomized clinical trial, in which volunteers receive the injectable in two of its variants, a lower and a higher dose, or the control product: the Cuban meningococcal vaccine VA-MENGOC- BC, one of the leading areas of the Finlay Institute.

The research, which in all its stages should be concluded in January 2021 and available to the population in February, joins the group of 30 that worldwide received authorization from the World Health Organization to advance in the clinical trial in humans. (Text and photo: PL)