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Sunday, November 29, 2020
Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Cuba among the 32 countries confirmed for World University Chess Champ

Havana, Oct 20.- Cuba made its two teams official today and is one of the 32 countries confirmed for the Fisu World University Championship chess tournament, which will take place from the next 26 to 30, adjusted to the times of the Covid pandemic -19, and therefore convened online.

The information emerged after the captains' meeting, also held virtually, and in which topics such as the calendar and the final inscriptions of an appointment organized by the International Federation of University Sports (Fisu, for its acronym in English) were also made official.

Nations could participate with a maximum of five teams of six players each, one between the ages of 18 and 25, although only four boards will enter into action in the rounds and at least one of them must be occupied by a woman.

Argentina, Brazil, China, Colombia and Mexico are some of those who scored the maximum of five casts, while Cuba formed two teams with most of the participants in the last Pan-American University Online tournament, to which it said goodbye with three medals.

The Antilleans closed with bronze for teams and had previously celebrated the first individual place of Carlos Daniel Albornoz among men and the third of Rachel Palmero for women.

Both are now part of a cast that also includes Augusto Campos, Jorge Elías, Abel López and Laritza Alfonso. The other selection will depend on Jorge Gómez, Marlon La Villa, César Pérez, Melissa Rodríguez, Karla July Fernández and Leancy Fernández.

Nine rounds will be played by the Swiss system with games at 15 minutes and 10 seconds of increment after each play, the platform to be used will be and during the actions the protagonists must be recorded to guarantee fair play.

Between the days 26 and 28 the nine qualifying rounds will be played and on the 29th the 16 best placed teams will start the
round of 16, which are by direct elimination; The quarterfinals are planned for that day and the entire 30th closes with the semifinals and the final.

In addition to chess, the organizers called for bridge, a card specialty that is played in pairs and is considered within the category of games of the mind. (Text and photo: ACN)