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Sunday, November 29, 2020
Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Regional consultation in Camagüey for diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer stands out

Camagüey, Oct 20.- Referred mainly from primary health care units, more than 8,700 patients attended the breast classification consultation at the Madame Curie Oncological Hospital in this city, where they are also assisted. residents of the provinces of Ciego de Ávila and Las Tunas.

Only in that period, 347 of them required surgical intervention, and 83 percent were positive for breast cancer, Leonardo Hernández Herrera, head of the basic mastology working group at the hospital, told the Cuban News Agency.

Even in the moments of greatest epidemiological complexity, since the beginning of the incidence of Covid-19 in Cuba (last March) and with compliance with the protection measures, the development of surgery and consultations were never suspended, including the follow-up to operated, where 2,737 have been treated to date.

Determined by the immune system as a response to the disease and to treatment, survival is above 90 percent, Hernández Herrera acknowledged, commenting that the service records cases of patients subjected to surgical procedures 10, 20 or 30 years ago, which shows the effective control of the ailment.

In the meeting for the classification of those who arrive with a certain breast pathology - spontaneously or through the referral of a doctor from their health area - the conduct to follow is decided and, if a suspicious condition appears from the oncological point of view they are directed to the multidisciplinary consultation of new cases, he explained.

If it is a malignant nodule, the therapeutic lines that will benefit patients are defined there, whether surgical, polychemotherapy or radiotherapy, added the first and second degree specialist in Oncology.

In less than 21 days they are evaluated in the consultation and in two weeks they are operated on if they need it, which is why at the moment the service has the waiting list for surgery on the 30th of the current month.

All this is possible thanks to the joint work of the professionals of imaging, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, mastology and anesthesiology of "Madame Curie", stressed the also first-degree specialist in Comprehensive General Medicine.

Carrying out breast self-examination is the early method for detecting cancer in this location, especially given the current trend towards its appearance in lower age ranges, between the second and third decades of life.

In addition to the first risk factor of the mere fact of being a woman - although it can occur in men -, the history of the disease in the family, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, never having given birth stand out as elements of weight for its manifestation, or have breastfed or do so at a late age, over 35 years, among others.

Instituted at the initiative of the World Health Organization, every October 19 the World Day to Fight Breast Cancer is commemorated, in order to increase awareness and promote access for all to timely controls, diagnoses and treatments. (ACN) (Photo: File)