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Sunday, November 29, 2020
Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Palmares certified for a more hygienic and healthy tourism

Camagüey, 21 oct.- Palmares facilities in Camagüey received certification for more hygienic and safe tourism, which confirms that they possess the necessary conditions for compliance with sanitary protocols established before the Covid-19.  

The evaluation program for the 26 units that the entity has in the province, led by specialists from the Ministries of Public Health and Tourism (MINTUR), included the training of its more than 300 workers in terms of these standards, developed by Formatur teachers and business trainers from the province.  

The territorial delegation of MINTUR officially granted the certificates to the administrations of the facilities belonging to the entity, during a meeting held in the Nuevo Mundo cafe, in this city, which was also attended by heads of brigades and members of the council of Company address.  

Kerly Torres Torres, tourism branch specialist in the delegation, explained to the Cuban News Agency (ACN) that this program, which is updated at various times during the year, is governed by national and international quality standards, as at the same time, it offers greater protection to clients both in terms of their health and when offering services.  

At the same time, the certification process covers the rest of the local institutions belonging to the tourism sector, and today allows most of them to be ready for the reestablishment of all activities for the national and foreign market, he stressed.

Sanitary protocols were incorporated into existing hygiene systems, and systematic cleaning of the facilities is required, with emphasis on surfaces and sales areas.

Most of the Palmares facilities in Camagüey, specialized in gastronomic services, are located in the provincial capital, and the rest in the Santa Lucía spa and in the municipalities of Guáimaro and Santa Cruz del Sur. (Text and photo: ACN)