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Tuesday, December 1, 2020
Friday, October 23, 2020

Despite decrease in production, Camagüey guarantees eggs for the family basket

Camagüey, Oct 23.- Although at the end of last September the Poultry Company of the province of Camagüey presented a delay of more than three million 826 eggs in the fulfillment of its plan for the period, it has guaranteed the necessary stockpiling to cover the demand for the standardized basket intended for the population of the territory.

Jesús Díaz Quinta, director of production in the aforementioned entity, commented to the Cuban News Agency that the objective was 99 million 21 720 units of the quoted feed until that date, but due to the lack of replacement chickens in the country to guarantee cyclical renewal of herds, there is such a deficiency in projected deliveries.

Currently in the eight layer units with which the demarcation has a deficit of more than 65 thousand animals, since also since July there are difficulties to guarantee the quality of the feed intended for their food, he explained.             

Díaz Quinta assured that some of the components included in the nutrition of the birds are not available at the national level, as is the case of the amino acid methionine, which has a direct impact on laying performance.

In addition, high temperatures cause the animals to eat less, another element against efficiency, since today there is an average of 342 thousand positions per day, a lower rate than the same periods in previous years, he added.

In the province of Camagüey there is an automated poultry farm, the second of its kind in the country, where, as the temperature is controlled, among other technological facilities, the hens put more.

However, local poultry farmers foresee at the end of the current year to collect 124 million 500 thousand eggs, a plan readjusted from the one previously planned, due to limitations, in 128 million 900 thousand units. (ACN) (Photo: File)