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Monday, November 30, 2020
Friday, October 23, 2020

Amazonia and Pantanal burn; no money to pay fire brigades

Brasilia, Oct 23.- The Brazilian Government ordered the withdrawal of the brigades that fight forest fires in the country due to lack of money.

It was specified that since September there have been difficulties in accessing the resources that the National Treasury Secretariat should deliver.

In the note, Ricardo Vianna Barreto, head of the Ibama Fire Prevention Specialized Center, determined the collection of all the brigades for their respective bases of origin, “as of 00:00 local time on October 22, 2020, at that they must remain awaiting orders for operational action in the field”.

According to the letter, “to maintain its activities, Ibama resorted to special credits, funds and amendments, but even so it accounts for 19 million reais (3.4 million dollars) in back payments, which affects all areas and actions. from high school".

The suspension of the work of the agents against ignitions was determined at a time when the Pantanal, paradise of biodiversity, and the Amazon have record burns.

The Pantanal biome is facing a historic drought, which contributes to increased deflagrations.

The affected area exceeds two million hectares and the fire destroys shelters for animals in danger of extinction, such as the blue macaws, and threatens typical species of the region, such as the jaguar. (Text and photo: PL)