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Sunday, November 29, 2020
Monday, October 26, 2020

Cuban deputies establish consensus on bills

Havana, Oct. 26 - Deputies to the National Assembly of People 's Power of Cuba today reached consensus on two draft laws to be submitted for approval on 28 October.

With the presence of President Miguel Díaz-Canel, the legislators learned about the changes made to the proposals for the Foreign Service Law and the Law on the organization and operation of the Council of Ministers.

Chancellor Bruno Rodríguez explained that, in general, 37 proposals were made on the regulations related to foreign service activity, including those made by parliamentarians in the study session on October 20 and those made by the population through the email.

Of these, 20 modifications of the document resulted, another 11 were partially addressed and six received an explanation of why they were not accepted.

Some of the changes introduced were the non-distinction between State and Government in the legislative body, substituting the reference to national interest for interests of the people, as reflected in the Constitution, and the introduction of historical antecedents of the foreign service in the foundation.

The draft Law on the organization and operation of the Council of Ministers received 13 proposals from the deputies, of which nine proposed to modify the norm and finally six were accepted, which transformed nine articles.

The population, for its part, contributed 25 proposals, of which six were accepted.

Some of the elements included were linked to the capacity of the Council of Ministers to make the bodies comply with the provisions and the revocation of what was established by the governors, when this does not correspond to the constitutional order.

The working day of this Monday precedes the vote on the approval of these bills, which are aimed at strengthening the institutional organization of the State and its correspondence with the current Constitution. (Text and photos: PL)