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Sunday, November 29, 2020
Monday, October 26, 2020

Camagüey sharpens sugar industry for upcoming sugar harvest

Camagüey, Oct 26.- Sugar workers in the province of Camagüey prepare power plants and machinery that guarantee manufacturing processes less than a month before the initial harvest whistle, scheduled for November 24 at the Siboney sugar mill, in the municipality of Sibanicú.

Lázaro Álvarez Padilla, general director of the Sugar Company in the territory, declared that the sector is preparing to avoid non-compliance with the last millings, in the midst of one of the most difficult situations related to economic and resource limitations.

He explained that the quality of repairs is one of the issues that the base business units emphasize the most, as a guarantee of efficient sugar production and optimal use of the parts and other raw materials acquired.

In the same way, they enhance attention to men, a most precious factor, in their opinion, together with the search for greater motivation of the groups, both tasks of great importance to meet the proposed goals.

On the 11th of this month, the province received the visit of José Ramón Monteagudo, a member of the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Party, and the Deputy Prime Minister Jorge Luis Tapia, who along with other leaders appreciated the march of reparations, whose plans are carried out as The four industries that will grind sugarcane in the territory are planned to date, said the manager.

At the same time, he affirmed, they do not lose sight of the machinery and transport preparations, that although one hundred percent of them are not fulfilled, there are possibilities of reaching the start date of the harvest with a better situation, thanks to the commitment of technicians, specialists and innovators, and specialized workshops.

Maintenance in the industries that will participate in the next contest is at 103 percent, with good progress in the schedules planned for the date, said Enoel Céspedes Sánchez, harvest specialist of the company attached to the Azcuba Sugar Group.

As the tasks that demand the greatest efforts at this time, he mentioned those of the mill areas in the Carlos Manuel de Céspedes power plants, of the homonymous municipality, and in the Batalla de las Guásimas, of Vertientes.

Regarding steam generation, he explained, the main works are concentrated in the "Céspedes", where the rehabilitation of its three boilers is progressing, which present delays caused by the late arrival of some resources and the large volume of actions to be carried out.

In general, the main purpose of this branch is to achieve the fulfillment of the reparations with a view to the harvest exercises, which begin in the first days of November in the Siboney power station, in the municipality of Sibanicú.

To do this, they implement double work shifts in the most complicated areas of the aforementioned mills, including the Panama Vertientino, and in the case of the Sibanicuense factory, they also extend the days in order to have it ready for the start date. (Text and photos: ACN)