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Tuesday, December 1, 2020
Thursday, October 29, 2020

Díaz-Canel expresses Cuban pride for Medical Brigade working in Mexico

Havana, 29 oct.- Miguel Diaz-Canel, President of the Republic of Cuba sent a welcome message to the Cuban doctors who arrived in the island from Mexico, where he highlighted the pride of the Cuban people on these professionals who saved 2,272 patients.

The flight, from Veracruz, brought back to the homeland the 281 members of the Henry Reeve Brigade who worked in the Latin American country for five months, a period in which they helped 58,289 Mexicans, of them 53, 777 with Covid-19, reported the Granma newspaper.

Yamila Barceló Pérez, a doctor from the municipality of Playa, in Havana, this was her first international experience, which, she said, provided her with great learning through the exchange between Cuban and Mexican professionals.

Felipe Águila Reyes, a graduate in Nursing, from Santa Clara, and his son, Dr. Genny Rafael Águila Rodríguez, who were on the red line of the care rooms for patients with the new coronavirus, said they were ready to do the same for their coworkers.

For Oscar Luis Batista, a doctor from Santiago, who has already participated in other missions before, this was of great impact due to the gratitude of the authorities and the people.

The 174 doctors, five epidemiologists, six specialists in Intensive Care, three pediatricians and a dermatologist, developed joint scientific conferences, with Mexican professionals in each of the hospitals and Extended Health Care Centers where they provided services, and where they showed their experiences in the control and management of Covid-19, with the exhibition of 65 works. (ACN) (Photos taken from Granma)