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Tuesday, December 1, 2020
Friday, October 30, 2020

Camaguey prepared to start 2020-2021 school year

Camagüey, Oct 30.- With a network of 681 centers, five of them new, the school year will begin next Monday in institutions of general education in the province of Camagüey, without neglecting the control for compliance with hygienic-sanitary measures in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In line with these actions, the sector enabled 105 premises for groups where there was overcrowding at the primary level, which includes the highest enrollment - more than 49 thousand students -, explained Clay Pérez Jiménez, provincial deputy director of the Cuban News Agency. Education.

Such a measure is of vital importance, taking into account that, unlike the conclusion stage of the previous school year, in this course it will be urgent to teach 100% of the subjects of the first cycle and will require a double session, he said.

The other levels will implement adjustments in the calendars, so that it is not necessary to stay all the time in school, as there will be other activities such as Labor and Physical Education, and teleclasses, which, even, can be viewed at home, with teacher guidance.

Camagüey has created the conditions in order to guarantee the health of students and workers, the main purpose of the organism in the current stage of new normality, said the manager, as well as the teaching materials, that of life for institutions of scholarship holders, and other essential resources.

The Ministry of Education (MINED), which will host 117,722 students in the territory, foresees a teaching coverage of 97.1%, and the 553 missing pedagogues will be completed with alternatives such as hourly contracts for production specialists and the services, and teachers of the sports sector in the case of Physical Education.

Starting next Monday, a primary school will be incorporated in the Julio Sanguily community, in the municipality of Sierra de Cubitas, which emerged in the old Sola Nueve campus, converted into housing, and four other facilities will also operate to teach languages in Camagüey, Florida, Vertientes and Nuevitas, attached to Adult Education.

The entry to the internal provincial and municipal centers, specified the deputy director, will occur normally from this weekend, and the schedule is organized, with the support of the School Transportation Company.

The MINED will maintain the investigation in coordination with Public Health, to identify respiratory or fever symptoms, there will be strict control of the entry of relatives and people outside the schools, and the use of the nasobuco will continue as a method of prevention of the new coronavirus. (ACN) (Photo: Archive / Adelante Newspaper)