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Monday, January 25, 2021
Monday, November 2, 2020

Caring for the elderly

By Edel Blanco Duarte / Radio Cadena Agramonte

In a country like Cuba, with a trend towards an aging population, it is urgent to ask ourselves again and again about the care and respect we dedicate to the elderly.

In this sense, we must recognize the programs created by the Revolution that favor the lives of the elderly.

Currently, all over the world, there is a criterion of granting greater possibilities in the workplace to young people than to those with more experience, without realizing the knowledge they have, which may be useful at some point.

The daily bustle often makes us forget our obligations to that age group, which are sometimes relegated to the background and need special care and attention.

These reasons must be taken into account in the moments in which we live, where economic difficulties, due to the crisis generated by Covid-19, plagues each of the countries of the world.

The social protection that the Cuban State provides to the elderly must find a balance with the family, which is responsible for guaranteeing care from home to the oldest.

Despite the economic-social effects caused by the resurgence of the US blockade against our country, only in the municipality of Camagüey more than five thousand elderly people receive specialized home care, as part of the actions of the Assistance Program for the Elderly implemented in the territory.

In addition, from a very early age, at home and at school, Cuban children are taught how they should treat older people, which shows the training that the new generations have in this regard.

Respecting the elderly as an elementary act, validly rewarding those who dedicated their lives to building what we have, making them feel important must be our premise, and never forget that the young people of today will be the elderly of tomorrow. (Photo taken from the Internet)