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Monday, January 25, 2021
Monday, November 9, 2020

The future of Cuba will be decided only by Cubans

By Pedro Paneque Ruiz / Radio Cadena Agramonte.

These days the world has witnessed one of the most shameful electoral episodes in history, when faced with the two predominant parties in the United States for the presidency, the supposed winner waits patiently and trusts his victory, while the current tenant of the White House alleges fraud, without proof, and promises not to leave the presidential mansion without first going to court.

If we look at it carefully, right now the northern nation could seem like a banana republic. Yes, of those to which for less controversy, the Yankees send aircraft carriers and move troops to protect their interests; and if the losing candidate is sympathetic, they intervene, with the acquiescence of their "colonies ministry", the OAS, the approval of biased European countries and of any NGO that exists in the world financed with US capital. By the way, none of that is being talked about now; however, six days have elapsed since the vote, and the winner has not yet been officially known.

There is no doubt that Trump's aberrations turn the world upside down and on many occasions he has put it on the brink of a war, thanks to the patience shown by the Chinese, the Russian and the Korean, who have put a stop to Trump´s bragging, although he did not stop heating the universal panorama.

For Cuba, the fact that Trump loses the US administration and power means a drop in tensions and a chance to continue, more calmly, our path of socialist construction, without constant sanctions and economic persecution.

These days, on more than a few occasions I have attended or participated in gatherings between family members, co-workers and friends, regarding the possible victory of the Democrats, which according to promises of their candidate Joe Biden, would mean a change of procedure towards Cuba. But a promise in the end, most agreed, should not divert us from the path outlined for our development, although it would unquestionably be under less pressure.

Let no one imagine, since it did not happen with Obama, that from one day to the next the challenges Cuba faces for its development will disappear, and the commitment to maintain equal opportunities for every Cuban. Neither believe that the multimillion-dollar outlays for the counterrevolution will no longer be maintained, because it is an out loud secret that it represents a lucrative business for some in the USA.

No one can forget, much less ignore, that Biden contributed, as Obama's vice president, in the rapprochement with Cuba. As firm supporters of the so-called "doctrine of intelligent power," that Obama administration changed its strategy towards the island, which, in this case, implied giving preference to negotiation for the resolution of conflicts.

Cuba accepted the challenge, and the historic leader of the Revolution, Fidel Castro, in one of his reflections on the matter, supported the rapprochement; but he warned that no one should be under the illusion "that the people of country will renounce the glory and rights, or the spiritual wealth that they have gained with the development of education, science and culture."

I think that's the essence of the matter; This was ratified by President Díaz-Canel, regarding the electoral results in the USA: "... we believe in the possibility of a constructive bilateral relationship respectful of differences."

Many are the pros and cons of this moment, which we face with full awareness of their results for our country, and which will be the reason for comments in our day to day life. But what we are fully aware of is that "the future of Cuba will be decided only by Cubans" (Photo: File)