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Tuesday, January 26, 2021
Tuesday, November 10, 2020

International isolation of Bolsonaro´s government predicted after Biden´s victory

Brasilia, Nov 10.- Former Foreign Minister and former Defense Minister Celso Amorim predicted that Brazil's international isolation will increase with the arrival of Democrat Joe Biden to the presidency of the United States.

The Rede Brasil Atual portal ensures that the servile alignment of President Jair Bolsonaro to his US counterpart, Donald Trump, with the refusal so far to congratulate Biden on his victory in the elections, prevents the South American giant from being seen as a preferential interlocutor of Americans in the region.

“The United States will not break relations with Brazil. They will not despise the Brazilian market. But all that depends on the good will of the United States government, you cannot count on that,” Amorim said during an interview with the program Brasil TVT Magazine.

He denounced that the total submission of the Bolsonaro government to Trump brought great damage to Brazil. As an example, he cited the upheaval in the country's relations with China.

Furthermore, in international organizations, Brazil has moved away from developing nations, preferring to act as a guardian of US interests.

For the former foreign minister, the Biden government should give more priority to multilateralism and dialogue in relations with other countries, compared to Trump.

In Latin America, Amorim noted, the new administration in the White House is initially unlikely to adopt a less interventionist stance in the region.

At the moment there is a movement and a moment of recovery of the progressive forces in Latin America. First Argentina, then Bolivia. And also the plebiscite in Chile. All of this predicts that a US intervention to support a coup is less likely. At least not now, he pointed out.

He stressed that the election of Biden would not only reinforce international isolation, but should also provoke changes in the internal policies of the Brazilian government.

He mentioned, for example, as welcome the pressures for a change in the conduct of environmental policy. Biden promised to articulate an international fund for the protection of the Amazon. (Text and photo: PL)