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Thursday, January 21, 2021
Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Voting machines for parliamentary elections audited in Venezuela

Caracas, Nov 11.- The National Electoral Council of Venezuela begins today and until November 28 the audit of the voting machines that will be used in the parliamentary elections on December 6.

This procedure consists of a physical review and a diagnosis of the components of the technology, which seeks to guarantee the efficiency and transparency of the electoral process, by getting the machines ready, according to sources.

To do this, the machines are randomly selected to verify the components, reports and correspondence with the voting centers and tables.

In this way, it is verified that the files, the voting program and the voter data to be entered in each team are previously audited.

Technicians from the CNE, external auditors, international organizations and witnesses from the political parties applying for the elections participate in this activity.

The electoral authorities reiterate the importance of the auditing processes before, during and after the parliamentary elections, which seek to convey confidence and security to voters, political organizations and the entire national and international community, as well as certify the safe, correct, precise, neat and effective operation of the components. (Text and photo: PL)