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Thursday, January 21, 2021
Friday, November 13, 2020

Schedule of 2021 voting process in Ecuador advances

Quito, Nov. 13.- The schedule of the voting process in 2021 advances today in Ecuador, where the designs of ballots, documents and components of the electoral package are already defined.

In plenary session, the National Electoral Council (CNE) approved the characteristics of the material.

According to the details offered by the instance, a total of 65 million 600 thousand electoral ballots will be printed for the votes, which will have three levels of security.

Among the new characteristics of these ballots is a special ink that will be applied to the presidential binomial card, micro-texts and micro-icons with which it is possible to reveal hidden elements in attempts to photocopy or scan the documents, as well as security against forgery, alteration, duplication and substitution.

The CNE also clarified that in order to take care of the health of voters, it will provide ballot boxes and plastic screens, suitable to guarantee greater epidemiological safety.

The councilors also approved the design of the envelope destined to contain valid, null and white ballots for each dignity, in compliance with article 127 of the Code of Democracy.

This mechanism will allow the members of the Vote Receiving Boards to maintain a classification at the time of closing the electoral package and will also facilitate the handling of those documents in the event of recount.

Once all the candidacies for Andean president, vice president, assembly members, and parliamentarians are firmly ratified, the CNE will consolidate the ballot papers.

The printing of this material is scheduled for January 7, 2021, at the Military Geographical Institute, in charge of these tasks in the last election processes carried out in this Andean nation.

Within the framework of the ongoing process, the highest electoral body also approved a quick count of the electoral results of the presidential binomials.

For the upcoming elections, the general budget was reduced by more than 23 million dollars, going from 114 million 317 thousand 185 initially set to 91 million 60 thousand 644.

The optimization carried out includes 16 million corresponding to salary scales in the salaries of electoral officials.

On February 7, 2021, Ecuadorian voters will elect authorities for the next four years. (Text and photo: PL)