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Thursday, January 21, 2021
Saturday, November 14, 2020

Role of nursing recognized in world diabetes day

Geneva, Nov. 14.- World Diabetes Day, which is celebrated today, is dedicated this year to nursing staff for their important work in supporting people with this disease.


According to a statement from the United Nations (UN), nurses represent more than half of all health professionals in the world and "play a crucial role in accompanying people with different health problems."

"People with diabetes or at risk of contracting the disease, face many difficulties and need the support of nursing staff, so it is essential that these professionals know better the disease to make life easier for diabetics," says the text.

Of a chronic metabolic type, the condition is characterized by high levels of glucose or sugar in the blood and is associated with an absolute or relative deficiency in the production and / or action of insulin.

Over time, diabetes leads to serious damage to the heart, blood vessels, eyes, kidneys, and nerves.

There are three main types of diabetes, the most common being type two, which accounts for 85-90% of cases in the world, the report indicates.

It usually manifests itself in adults, when the body is resistant to insulin or does not produce enough.

This variant is linked to modifiable risk factors such as obesity or being overweight, physical inactivity, and diets with high caloric content of low nutritional value.

Data from the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) reveal that 62 million people in the Americas have type two diabetes. The number has tripled in the region since 1980.

"Given this situation, there is a globally agreed target to stop this increase and obesity by 2025," says the organization.

According to the international atlas of diabetes, the number of people with this disease will reach 109 million in 2040.

Additionally, recent studies have shown that approximately one-third of people with type two diabetes are undiagnosed and have complications at the time of diagnosis.

This chronic metabolic disease also influences other health disorders as it affects the immune system.

The main cause associated with diabetes is obesity, considered an epidemic.

An increase in the body mass index is associated with a higher risk of suffering from the disease and having a large abdominal volume also represents another reliable predictive factor of suffering from this disease, reports PAHO.

World Diabetes Day was officially established by the UN in 2006.

Every year they celebrate the date on November 14, in commemoration of the anniversary of the birth of Sir Frederick Banting, who discovered insulin together with Charles Best in 1922. (Text and photo: PL)