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Tuesday, January 26, 2021
Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Camagüey reports energy savings during the current month

Camagüey, Nov 18.- A saving of almost 2,500 megawatts per hour (MW / h) was reported by the province of Camagüey from the beginning of November to the beginning of this week, a favorable record, unlike previous months in which the territory showed an excess in electricity consumption.

This demarcation also managed to be part of what was planned throughout the month of October, a positive balance that it maintains at this time, since of the 43,065 MW / h estimated for the stage, a real of 40,569 MW / h was met.

Tailán Romero Rivero, Energy and Fuel specialist of the Government in the province, informed the Cuban News Agency that the municipalities of Esmeralda, Guáimaro, Sibanicú and Camagüey do not reach the programmed schedule on a regular basis.

He commented that demand at peak times, at noon and at night, recorded savings of two and 11 megawatts (MW), respectively, in both the state and residential sectors, a behavior similar to that of previous periods.

Camagüey has more than 10,000 services in the state sector, of which 825 are identified as high consumers of electricity, said Wilfredo Recio Conde, director of the subsidiary of the National Office for Rational Use of Energy, to ACN. (ONURE).

As part of the Save Now Campaign, undertaken by that entity for the rational use of energy, advice is transmitted to the population that includes cooking food whenever possible, an activity in which the fundamental energy matrix is ​​electricity and other domestic activities outside peak hours.

The ONURE also controls 196 of the aforementioned high consumers, among which units of the Ministries of Food Industry, Industries and Public Health stand out, which must adopt adequate saving measures without interrupting their production and services.

In Cuba, said Recio Conde, around 62 percent of the fuel is consumed in electricity generation, that is why savings are called for to minimize, in addition, the effects of the energy situation that the country still faces from the limitations imposed by the blockade of the North American Government, which demands the contribution of all.
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