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Monday, January 25, 2021
Thursday, November 19, 2020

Máximo Gómez legacy endures in those who defend liberty

By Leidy Quintairos Molina / Radio Cadena Agramonte . 

184 years after the birth of Máximo Gómez, as José Martí expressed himself when referring to General Máximo Gómez, we recall the historical significance of someone who, without being born in Cuba, committed himself to its freedom aspirations during colonial times.

In 1865 he arrived in this land, and later joined the Ten Years War, with special significance for his moral virtues that made him an ethical referent of the soldier and the chief.

Just in his first battle in Tienda del Pino, in the eastern part of the country, the Camagüey territory also welcomed the brilliance of a military leader of such stature. 

In him the example of humility and simplicity stands out, but above all, his dedication without limits to the objective of liberating Cuba since he accepted command of the Liberation Army.

When the birthday of the also known as "Generalisimo" arrives, Cuba safeguards in its history the qualities of that man of integrity, who offered everything for his adopted Homeland, and to whom today Cubans thank for his efforts during the cause of the Revolution.

At the distance of so long, the validity of his independence legacy is maintained, because as he would capture in his campaign diary, dated January 8, 1899, he did not rest in order to “save this country as soon as possible, from the guardianship that has been imposed on us”; and although the triumph of January 1959 was achieved, today Cubans continue their tireless struggle to put an end to the North American aspirations to dominate the Island.  

With other nuances, those anxieties of the United States governments persist, since as the newly elected president Joe Biden has well ratified, they will take “smart policy”, given the failure of everything done so far to subjugate the Cuban nation. Then, 184 years later, Máximo Gómez rises again, now represented by millions of his children who resist every threat to their freedom. (Photo: File)