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Friday, January 22, 2021
Thursday, November 19, 2020

They warn of Trump's plans to sow chaos and steal elections

Washington, Nov. 19.- The US media today warned about President Donald Trump's plans to perpetuate doubts about the vote count, sow chaos and steal the November 3 elections.

Getting nowhere in court, Trump's scattered effort to overturn President-elect Joe Biden's victory shifts to shadowy electoral boards that certify the vote, an Associated Press (AP) analysis reports.

The report coincides with other outlets about the White House's attempts to ignore the Democratic victory in the election and that it now focuses on the battlefield states that sealed Biden's victory.

The AP cites that in Michigan, two Republican election officials from the state's largest county initially refused to certify the results even though there was no evidence of fraud. In Arizona, officials are reluctant to sign the vote count in a rural county, he added.

The measures appear to be inspired by Trump's inflammatory rhetoric about unsubstantiated fraud and driven by Republican acquiescence to broad quarters against the nation's electoral system, as state and federal courts set aside legal challenges filed by Trump and his allies, he said.

When addressing the delays in the certification of the result at the polls, the media notes that Trump refuses to recognize Biden and spreads false claims of victory, this mundane process, he says, is taking on a new meaning.

AP warns that the fundamental actions of the president's supporters seek to increase the certification of the results of the elections in the states.

Time is running out for Trump. Across the nation, counts and challenges must end and election results must be certified by Dec. 8. That is the constitutional deadline before the Electoral College meeting the following week, he said.

Right now, Trump requested a recount in Wisconsin in two counties, and Georgia runs a manual audit after Biden expired by a narrow 0.3 percentage point margin, but there is no mandatory recount law in the state. The law offers that option to a candidate who lags behind if the margin is less than 0.5 percentage points, he notes.

The AP underscores that some in the presidential orbit remain hopeful that by delaying certification, Republican-controlled state legislatures will have the opportunity to select different constituencies, either overturning Biden's victory or sending it to the House, where Trump would almost win. Safely. (Text and photo: PL)