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Friday, January 22, 2021
Friday, November 20, 2020

Cuban and foreign educators will participate Pedagogy Congress 2021 next February

Havana, Nov. 20.- Despite the pandemic, educators from Cuba and the world will participate in the Pedagogy 2021 Congress, a virtual appointment set for the days of the first to the third of next February.

More than ever, it must be a meeting “For the unity of educators”. In times of coronavirus, this 17th edition is a call to join forces and efforts in a common struggle, said Dr. Eva Escalona Serrano, president of the Forum's Scientific Committee.

In dialogue with the press, the also National Director of Science and Technology of the Ministry of Education of Cuba, emphasized the purpose of discussing the new context in which Education has developed and the challenges it entails, and socializing the experiences of thousands of teachers and managers to, in such particular and adverse circumstances, give continuity to the educational process.

Another no less important purpose will be to assess the status of compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals defined in the 2030 Agenda, in particular the one referred to guarantee an inclusive, equitable and quality education and promote learning opportunities for all human beings throughout the life, it meant.

The general themes are related to both ends and the same can be said of the symposia, conferences, forum debates and other ingredients of the scientific program, said Escalona Serrano.

In this sense, he mentioned a panel about the achievements of Cuban science in the face of Covid-19, and the six pre-congress online courses, one of which, for example, will deal with the Third Improvement of the National System of Education and the essence of the curricular adaptations implemented.

Pedagogy 2021 will give Cuba the possibility of sharing valuable experiences amassed during months of confrontation with the pandemic and incessant learning, not only for students, but also for teachers and even the family, whose support has been decisive in winning such an ordeal, he pointed out.

He also pointed out that preparations are underway in Cuba, where the provincial meetings are taking place these days, which will add names to the list of delegates from the host country and works of indisputable quality and rigor for their presentation, in a way virtual, in the days of the Congress.

These territorial forums are, at the same time, a kind of training in terms of technology, connectivity, access, for what is to come, said the National Director of Science and Technology of the MINED, adding that there will be the greatest challenge, due to how crowded these events tend to be, with about 71 thousand participants in its previous 16 editions.

To overcome the countless obstacles that the genocidal US government blockade imposes on Cuba in this field, as in all others, we will have the support of the Ecuadorian Pedagogy Network, said Dr. Escalona Serrano and thanked the educators of the sister country to serve as a bridge to replicate the broadcasts on a platform to which Cuba is banned from.

Finally, the president of the Scientific Committee of the Congress specified that, for more information about the forum, those interested can consult the site (Text and photo: ACN)