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Friday, January 22, 2021
Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Fidel, here and now, among us

By Pedro Paneque Ruiz / Radio Cadena Agramonte

Four years ago, on a date like the one we live in today, Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz, historical leader of the Cuban Revolution, moved towards immortality. He did not die, because his imprint continues to trace paths in the effort to create a prosperous and sustainable socialism, with the decisive participation and leadership of the vast majority of Cubans, and a leadership that has shown to be continuity.

In what other way could we have resisted the very malicious and well thought out intensification of the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the US government against Cuba, which has reached superlative levels of crime? It is enough to know that the country has been prevented from accessing components and medicines to face the Covid-19 pandemic, from whose deadly consequences we have not been able to escape, but we have been able to restrict as much as possible, even in other parts of the world.

There is also the imprint of Fidel, for whom "Medicine was the most human of all professions, and Cuban, had to be the most human of all medicines." This is what he said in Camagüey during an exchange with students of Medical Sciences, and that sentence continues to be just as valid in the light of our days, when, even hindered by the Yankee siege, the Cuban people have careful and free health care, without distinction any; including, even, those who sabotage their homeland.

It goes beyond the line drawn by Fidel regarding health. Doctors, nurses and technicians are present in various countries, including first world countries, to help face the new coronavirus. At the same time, island scientists are already advancing in the fourth vaccine candidate against SARS-CoV-2, with Cuba being the first Latin American nation with promising clinical trials.

There is full fidelista presence in the economic and social transformations that do not stop in Cuba, closely followed by the leadership of the Communist Party (PCC) as an active “soul of the Revolution”, and the actions of a vital Government that, boldly and full certainty in getting ahead, introduces new variants, with genesis in the Moncada Program, but adapted to the times.

No one thinks, and there are latent Fidel warnings, that a rapprochement of Cuba with the United States administration would mean the solution of the problems of an underdeveloped or developing country. If that were the case, the current social outbreaks would not exist in nations whose governments enjoy the "friendship" of the powerful neighbor to the north. But it does not mean, as it has been ratified, that we are not in a position to establish ties of friendship between the two peoples, and that the government of the powerful nation maintains ties of respect and equality, without interference in internal affairs.

It is in what was said in this regard by the president-elect in the United States, Joe Biden, when taking up the ideas of Barack Obama regarding relations with Cuba, but ratifying the premise of "applying something different from what has been done so far." Although it was incongruous that, on the occasion, sanctions against our country were intensified, with significant damage to the people's daily life, and that the blockade was maintained with all its extraterritorial scope.

Regardless of this, the lines of action emanating from Fidel's ideology, and appropriate to the present and future moments by the PCC and the Government, do not stop. On the contrary, they gain strength with the application of variants before each new obstacle, as evidenced by issues that will go to the VIII Party Congress, related to the internal life of the organization and its influence on society, as well as aspects related to the Ordering Task , concerned with the elimination of monetary and exchange duality, wage and price reform, food independence and the application of science for such purposes, in addition to other aspects of the economy and with direct social repercussions.

On one occasion, Fidel said that there are many Camilos in the town, referring to the most daring and charismatic of his guerrilla commanders. Che Guevara ratified that idea and mentioned "the Camilos who will come." Here they are today, guided by Fidel, getting ahead and succeeding.

It is not rhetoric, it is pure and inescapable reality. Cuba's is a people that resists and advances with full awareness of threats and opportunities; that collapses every maneuver against his efforts, from the tactics inherited from Fidel, present and latent, as are his teachings and his figure four years after his transition to immortality. (Photo: File)