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Friday, January 22, 2021
Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Fidel Castro's imprint on debates of the International Youth Meeting

Havana, Nov 25.- In the revolutionary, humanist and anti-imperialist thought of Fidel Castro Ruz, his political teaching and imprint, the participants in the online International Youth Meeting "Ideas that are flags" will continue to delve this Wednesday, already in its second and penultimate working day.

The entire appointment constitutes a tribute to the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution, his ideas constitute the center of each space and debate, but today is a special day, four years after his departure, and an avalanche of feelings -love, gratitude, devotion, longing, fervor, admiration- it will shake social networks and other digital platforms that broadcast the sessions live.

In times as complex and defining as those that humanity lives, we revolutionaries often ask ourselves what Fidel would have done, said, reflected on and written about in a given situation, a challenge, a problem, how would he face it, what would his response be, said this Tuesday, at the opening of the forum, Diosvany Acosta, first secretary of the Union of Young Communists.

That is why it is so important to read, study, think about the Commander, learn from his teachings, but what we do know well, because that is how he was and acted every minute of his life, is what he would never do: stop fighting, betray ideals and principles , give up their dreams of freedom, dignity, fairness and justice for all human beings, he added.

The central forum of the meeting will be dedicated precisely to the thought of Fidel and his imperishable legacy and example, which will be held this morning and for which the list of registered speakers is long, including leaders of youth and student organizations, representatives of friendship associations. with Cuba and young people from various nations graduated in Cuba.

They will be accompanied by three brilliant intellectuals with a world to tell about the Commander: Frei Betto and Ignacio Ramonet , authors of “Fidel and religion” and “100 hours with Fidel”, respectively, and Abel Prieto, a close collaborator, especially during the Battle de Ideas, as Minister of Culture, and the same before, from the presidency of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba.

Also this Wednesday, the other two meetings will be held by region -in this case Europe and Asia and Oceania-, conceived within the program as a space to share experiences and realities, in defense and solidarity with the noblest causes of peoples and youth.

An international youth forum like this, anti-imperialist, anti-neoliberal, for peace, solidarity and especially for the broader unity of the left and other democratic and progressive forces, is our greatest offering to the Commander, Suniel Sosa, head of the Relations Department of the National Committee of the UJC.

Unity in diversity and struggle, and that allows progress in the construction of a common emancipatory project, because common is the enemy number one of the peoples and such is their irrationality and arrogance, their onslaught so brutal that, as ever, it is urgent to walk in a tight box if we want to win and achieve a better world and future, he reflected.

Participation in the youth event is by invitation, but with free access to accounts on social networks and digital sites that broadcast the sessions live and to which those interested in following the debate can connect and enrich it with their comments, proposals and messages of solidarity.

# IdeasQueSonBanderas , # FidelPorSiempre and # JovenesDeIzquierda are the communicative labels that are moving, the same in , the website of the Union of Young Communists, that in @ ujcuba , for Facebook and YouTube, and @ UJCdeCuba , in the case of Twitter. Tonight and like every November 25 after the physical disappearance of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, the historic steps of the University of Havana will host a commemorative political-cultural evening to honor him, celebrate his life and attest to the courage, strength, transcendence and vitality of his ideas, which - as young people say - are flags. (Text and photo: ACN)