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Friday, January 22, 2021
Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Fidel, a man of the people with the soul of an athlete

Havana, Nov 25.- Defender of sports as the right of the people and the main inspiration for Cuba's triumphs in the last 60 years, Fidel Castro Ruz constitutes an indelible presence in the island's athletic movement.

In each medal won, her immense legacy will be present, that which we will never forget, underlined Ana Fidelia , double world champion in athletics.

The leader of the Cuban Revolution, as a man of the people with the soul of an athlete, was at all times close to the athletes of a small nation that, little by little, became a giant on the international competitive stage.

Loved by a people who learned to follow his example, he won the sympathy and affection of each Cuban athlete who, with his results, paid back his brilliant idea of ​​taking the sport to every corner of the country.

Without him, it would have been very difficult to achieve the Olympic and world medals that today the sports movement of an Island respected in the world proudly exhibits for having such exponents as Alberto Juantorena , Teófilo Stevenson, Ana Fidelia herself or Javier Sotomayor.

They, along with many others who gave glory to Cuba in dissimilar competitive scenarios, are the fruit of a Revolution that saw the birth of the National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (INDER) on February 23, 1961.

There was the hand of Fidel, as happened with the elimination of professionalism in 1962, to give way to physical activity as the right of the people, a massive mass that years later and still bears fruit today.

His passion and the conviction that it is an activity that needs to be available to everyone, encouraged his actions in this area.

Raising the quality of life and culture of the population through strategies to promote and develop the habit of practicing physical exercise from children to the elderly, was a maxim established from their constant concern.

Our Revolution has established the principle that sport is a right of the people, to which we could add that sport is also a duty of the people, he said in this regard.

The country's sports policy is also aimed at developing the physical and sports qualities of those children and young people who are especially gifted for sports, in order to develop those capacities to the maximum for competitive purposes, he added, regarding another nuance of a sector that he conceived with integrative vision.

Today, when we live the fourth anniversary of passing to immortality, the undisputed leader of the work that placed Cuba on the world sports scene from the prominence of its most humble children is confirmed. (Text and photo: Jit)