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Thursday, January 21, 2021
Saturday, November 28, 2020

Santa Maria City Tourism Company of Camaguey with positive economic outcomes

Camagüey, Nov 28.- Close to its twentieth anniversary on December 7, the Santa Maria City Tourism Company exhibits positive economic-financial results, even during the last months of Covid-19 affectation, and it stands out for the implementation of management systems that result in new offers, products and services.

In a press conference, Miguel Ángel Leyva Cruz, general director of the entity, explained that even with the difficulties they face with suppliers, which cover less than 15% of demand, sustained growth has been maintained, with an annual average of 55% on sales.

This has been possible thanks to the large influx of customers through commercial loyalty strategies, improvements to the corporate image in the units, and the use of new information technologies in promotion, to reach a greater number of public, raising the quality of services.

This has been reverted to greater recognition by those who come to the facilities so far this year, and even, in the most arduous months of confronting the new coronavirus, the company did not cease the offer, but remained with home delivery, and online sales were boosted.

Other indicators that distinguish Santa María are the growth in profits, the efficiency with which the company operates, the computerization of the organization and electronic commerce through the EnZona payment app.

In addition, among the achievements, the stability of human capital, the sense of belonging and organizational culture of the workers, the proactivity, perseverance, identity, responsibility and professionalism of the group, and the creation and implementation of a successful business strategy stand out.

The entity, added Leyva Cruz, keeps the accounting certified, evaluated as reasonable; while the qualification of the financial statements and internal control is acceptable. 

“Since 2014, eight financial audits have been received, and for four years no criminal acts or administrative corruption have been detected, which supports the acknowledgments in the XII and XIII National Verifications of Internal Control.

In greeting to its twentieth anniversary, the Provincial Tourism Company of Ciudad Santa María, which has deserved the category of National Vanguard on two occasions, will develop in coming December the fourth Quality Event. (Juan Mendoza Medina / Radio Cadena Agramonte) (Photo: Archive / Adelante)