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Thursday, January 21, 2021
Saturday, November 28, 2020

Good closing for Cuba in the Pan American Youth Weightlifting Championship

Havana, Nov 28.- Cuba won two gold medals, one silver and one bronze on the fifth and final day of the Pan-American Youth Weightlifting Championship, an online tournament with 196 weightlifters from 21 nations, among them, powers of Weightlifting like Colombia.

Felix Patterson, 109 kilograms (kg), won the clean and jerk, with a lift of 165 kg, and the total, with 296 kg, as reflected by the live signal of the competition and the awards, on the YouTube channel of the International Federation Weightlifting.

In addition, the Cuban was runner-up in snatch (131 kg), behind Colombian Daniel Díaz (132 kg), and ahead of Ecuadorian Jomar Chiriguayo (126 kg).

Meanwhile, in the clean and jerk Díaz obtained the silver medal, with 163 kg, and Chiriguayo, the bronze, with 155 kg; positions similar to those they occupied in the total, with 295 and 281 kg, in that order.

The other medals for Cuba were Alex Velázquez's tan, weighing over 109 kg, thanks to a 116 kg snatch movement and a cumulative 258 kg.

Cuba achieved its other medals, two silver and three bronze, in the first two days of the competition, in which it also reached fourth and fifth places. (ACN) (Photo: File)