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Sunday, January 17, 2021
Friday, December 4, 2020

Bruno Rodríguez evoked today the memory of martyrs of the Foreign Service

Havana, Dec 4.- The Cuban Foreign Minister, Bruno Rodríguez, recalled today the memory of Ambassador Mario García Inchásticategui and his wife, Gladys Delgado, who lost their lives in an accident during the hijacking of the aircraft in which they were traveling.

Through the social network Twitter, the head of diplomacy recalled that both belong to the list of attacks on Cuban diplomatic personnel and facilities, promoted by the hostile policy of the United States Government.

The Ministry of Foreign Relations honors and remembers the martyrs of the Foreign Service and their legacy with its daily work, wrote the Cuban Foreign Minister.

García Inchcastletegui and his wife died in a plane crash on December 4, 1977 while traveling to Malaysia, where the diplomat was a concurrent ambassador.

According to official figures, more than 1,500 Cubans have been direct victims of state terrorism in various parts of the world.

In the list, the damages to Cuban personnel in the United States stand out.

On April 30 of this year, a man of Cuban origin opened fire on the diplomatic headquarters in Washington, an act designated as a terrorist by the Havana authorities.

Rodríguez described as complicit silence the response of the State Department of that country to that fact.

"No one could forget the long and bloody history of terrorism against the diplomatic missions of Cuba in the United States and against their officials," said the Foreign Minister at a press conference regarding the event. (Text and photo: PL)