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Monday, January 18, 2021
Thursday, December 31, 2020

Telecommunications in Camagüey during 2020

Camagüey, Dec 31.- This year telecommunications, one of the most dynamic sectors of Cuban society, maintained its vitality in the province of Camagüey, marked by the development of infrastructure, progress in computerization and digitization of television, despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

Andrés Rodríguez Pérez, director of the Territorial Control Office of the Ministry of Communications in Camagüey, said that the rapid transformation of information and communication technologies had an impact on all fields of economic and social life in the country.

In 2020, almost four thousand basic telephone services were installed, in various districts of the city of Camagüey, such as Eden-Juruquey, Torre Blanca, La Guernica, and Agramonte, in addition to Brazil, in Esmeralda, and the head of that municipality; La Sacra, in Najasa, the Agramonte agro-industrial complex, in Florida, and the town center of this own territory; as well as San Miguel del Bagá and Tararaco, in Santa Lucía, among others.

Meanwhile, more than 49 thousand new lines were activated in cellular telephony. Only during the most recent promotion, the figure of 33 thousand was reached, being the most attractive offer of its kind made so far, and during which it had the support of the authorities and the flexibility in the working hours of the commercial network.


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Luel García Lorenzo, director of the Territorial Division of the Telecommunications Company in the province, highlighted that despite the difficulties with the supply of modems and the limitation of capacities for mobile data, more than three thousand Internet connection services were sold in the city of Camagüey.

He highlighted that the updating or improvements to the existing ones were prioritized, in order to be able to assume the increase in traffic, which constitutes an important achievement due to its direct impact on the improvement of the service.

To date, three base stations in La Jagua, Alto del Ají and Altagracia have been upgraded to 3G, allowing their users to access the Internet for the first time.

Other base stations that already had 3G were benefited with increases in traffic capacity or upgraded to 4G. In this way, clients from Nuevitas, Florida, Minas, Guáimaro, Santa Cruz, Esmeralda, Sibanicú, Santa Lucía, Vertientes, Céspedes and Sola, in Sierra de Cubitas, benefited.

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In another order of information, Andrés Rodríguez Pérez, director of the Territorial Control Office of the Ministry of Communications, recalled that in the province there are still 26 Young Computer and Electronics Club connected by ADSL, technology that by next year should change to fiber optician, of which they already have around 20 installations.

Another issue of importance for Cuban society is related to electronic government, a term used to refer to the processes and structures created for the electronic supply of government services.

Rodríguez Pérez also mentioned that the Cuban application Transfermóvil this year was consolidated as one of the most successful proposals in electronic commerce; hence the importance of creating options for its growth among companies and entities.

In that sense, he commented that electronic commerce represents at the same time that operations can be more transparent, and thus more auditable, so that it contributes to the economy and the quality of life of people.

Meanwhile, the Computer Applications Company (Desoft) continued to develop, in the calendar nearing completion, the main contracted projects, in addition to constituting one of the entities that works directly for the expansion of government and electronic commerce, together with the Information Technologies for Defense Company (XETID).

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For its part, the Radiocuba Company, belonging to the Ministry of Informatics and Communications, this year carried out assemblies and disassembly of professional towers and antennas, for the broadcasting of radio and television signals.

To the 74 transmitters that guarantee the airing of national, provincial and local channels, this year 2020 another four were added: one for the standard digital signal of television in the municipality of Sierra de Cubitas, and three for the high definition in Nuevitas, Santa Cruz del Sur and Esmeralda. 

Despite the complex epidemiological situation, Radiocuba in Camagüey guaranteed the broadcasts of the media, following all the hygienic-sanitary safety measures indicated by the authorities of the Ministry of Public Health.

Likewise, maintenance was carried out on the equipment and the monitoring of the signal was not stopped, without losing the stability in the computer network and the security of the transmission centers.

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Another of the entities with prominence in the year, mainly in the stage of greatest incidence of the new coronavirus, was the Provincial Postal Company, which complied with the distribution services of the press and the payment to pensioners and retirees, through the adoption of the biosecurity protocols established to prevent the spread of the disease.

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The challenges and perspectives facing the Communications sector in 2021 are focused on continuing to create infrastructure in the midst of a scenario that is increasingly hostile, due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the intensification of the United States blockade. (Gladys Dailyn Morera Cordero / Radio Cadena Agramonte) (Photo: File)