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Monday, January 18, 2021
Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Chemical Company of Nuevitas, Camagüey, increased its productions in 2020

Nuevitas, Camagüey, Jan 6.- Despite the shortage of raw materials in the most complex months of the Covid-19 in Cuba, 2020 became a superior year in productions for the Chemical Company Revolución de Octubre, in the municipality of Nuevitas.

According to Benito Jiménez Ibáñez, production director of the entity, the main production is ammonium nitrate, which until November had produced 85.7% of what was expected.

In addition, they achieved 264 tons of the fertilizer composed of Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K), defined as NPK, which were not planned.

Regarding the obtaining of calcium nitrate, only 40.3% was achieved, due to the lack of extraction by the client. Meanwhile, herbicide production was below 20%, due to the lack of raw materials.

On the other hand, in the light chemistry some unplanned fabrications were included, but extremely useful for the disinfection of hands and surfaces as a hygienic-sanitary measure in the face of the pandemic.

"From a plan of 110 thousand liters, 288% was obtained, 313% of acid for batteries, 192% of ammonia water and 423% of bleach", said Jiménez Ibáñez.

“Also, we have produced 2,279 liters of Pegasol glue; 17,680 liters of liquid soap, 1,900 bars of solid soap, and more than 5,000 liters of degreasing soap and antiseptic solution, as an option for people allergic to bleach ”.

To these indicators are added about eight thousand liters of cologne, all products marketed by the retail network.

For 2021, the planned plan for leading productions is 30 thousand tons of ammonium nitrate and one thousand kiloliters of herbicides, the fulfillment of which depends on the arrival of raw materials contracted in advance, in addition to those destined for light chemistry, and which include the plan of the "October Revolution" for this calendar, 45 years after its first start. (Mailín Echavarría Bárzaga / Radio Nuevitas) (Photo: Archive)