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Sunday, February 28, 2021
Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Guantánamo temporarily closes schools and paralyzes public transport due to complex epidemiological situation

Guantanamo, Jan 12.- The temporary closure of 82 educational institutions and the paralysis of transportation in two municipalities are among the measures put into effect to counter the complex epidemiological situation created by the Covid-19 pandemic in this province.

Raquel Laviste Villafruela, Director of Education in the territory, confirmed that the bulk of the paralyzed institutions are located in the city of Guantánamo and its periphery, as well as seven schools in Niceto Pérez stopped operating on January 11.

Laviste Villafruela announced the opening of television spaces, in coordination with the territorial telecentre, to deliver content and guidance to the more than 38 thousand students of the different teachings that are affected by the measure that seeks to protect them.

This alternative will be in force for the duration of the current epidemiological situation that determined the province's regression to phase II of recovery, with the municipalities of Guantánamo and Niceto Pérez in the phase of limited autochthonous transmission.

Among the affected institutions are the José Maceo Exact Sciences Vocational School, the Simón Tames Polytechnic Institute, the Music and Dance schools, the June 14 special education school and the Rafael Freyre School of Sports Initiation (EIDE). The school year continues in the eight remaining municipalities, under strict sanitary measures.

Similarly, the public transportation of passengers was suspended in the state and private sectors in the two municipalities with autochthonous transmission of the virus, and as of the last hours of this Tuesday interprovincial transportation of passengers is interrupted, until the territory goes back to normal. (Granma) (Photo: File)