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Sunday, February 28, 2021
Friday, January 22, 2021

Cuba's space photo among the best published by NASA in 2020

An image of Cuba taken from space, with details of the entire archipelago, its extension, as well as other Caribbean islands, is among the best photos published in 2020 by NASA.

Taken from the dome of the International Space Station in March and posted on social media in September, the photo reached more than 1.630 thousand interactions.

"On a calm spring day, although somewhat cloudy", details one of the texts of the publication.

Another comment points out the colors of the waters that surround the largest of the Antilles and the neighboring Bahamas and South Florida. Everything matches. The deep blues and bright turquoises complement each other very well, the text describes.

The US space agency in its publication specifies that in "summer, this region is colloquially known as hurricane lane" because "tropical cyclones that form off the coast of Africa and mature in the warm waters of the Atlantic often find land for the first time on these islands ”.

Along with the image of Cuba, NASA selected among its best photos in 2020 those named Moon over the southern Atlantic Ocean, Lakes and fires in southern Kenya, Sunrise over the Great Australian Bay and Paris at night. (Text and photo: PL)