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Wednesday, June 19, 2019
Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cuba and Venezuela: 10 Years of Exchange and Generosity

For Tay Toscano Jerez / Radio Cadena Agramonte.

A decade has passed since the Heads of States of Cuba and Venezuela singed a Comprehensive Agreement on Cooperation on October 30th, 2000, that has left very  favorable results for the peoples of both nations which  have "a few material and financial resources, but are
rich enough in will and solidarity”, as said Hugo  Chavez, President of the sister South American nation.

There are no other intentions but the stalwart help of two peoples, whose histories have mingled more than once and which have become the cradle of the new world, lead actors of a “historical miracle”. Sister nations which have been struggling to put a halt to the plans of the
U.S. empire that does not cease in trying to break the spirit of those who oppose their domination.

The results of the Comprehensive Agreement on Cooperation are obvious. In Venezuela hundreds of people have recovered their sight, thanks to the Operation Miracle (a free eye surgery program); many children have managed to know what a classroom is and the magic of the first letters and numbers through the “Yes, I Can” literacy teaching method; while medical doctors and other aid workers have gone to the most far-off places of this vast geography to contribute to the awakening of a people who have been for many years sunk in ignorance.

Here, in our island nation is quite palpable the cooperation of our Venezuelan brothers: each day 53,000 barrels of oil began to arrive here by virtue of an agreement and the contribution of the children of Bolivar has increase with the passing of the years.

One decade has passed and the bilateral relation has strengthened and will keep on growing.

Today this cooperation program has been re-launched for one more decade. Once again is evident that Cuba and Venezuela integrate and complement each other under solid and equitable basis. (Translated by Gualveris Rosales)