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Friday, January 30, 2009

Camagüey Professional Chorus, An Example of Constancy

By Yolanda Ferrera Sosa.

Camagüey Professional Chorus turned 45 years of age after having coped with several obstacles, but also after having experienced satisfaction and joy.

This vocal group has enriched the cultural panorama of this land with attractive artistic proposals, characterized by the modesty and sincerity of its members, instead of ruses; what spectators thank in a great deal.

Its origin was marked by the efforts of people like maestro Jorge Luis Betancourt, who has been always present and remembered.

Tireless and lovely activist, dedicated in heart and soul to his home town and to provide it with new reasons to be proud of it. Betancourt, apart from founding Camagüey Professional Chorus, he also left his mark in the Provincial Symphony Orchestra.

Another name that comes into my mind in this moment of reflection Guillermo de Jesús Cortina, who conducted the singers by those years, also founder of this achievement of the local musical environment.

I can see him weaving projects to consolidate the best vocal tradition in the Island, now in his native Camagüey.

Both Betancourt and Cortina are not longer with us, but the names of these two industrious cultural activists are printed in the Chorus.

Its 45th anniversary has been a great celebration for the local cultural life. From its membership another vocal group has emerged Dessandan, which has represented the nation overseas cultivating the Cuban and Haitian folkloric traditions.

Congratulations to Camagüey Professional Chorus, to its devoted Emilia Díaz, current conductor of the ensemble, congratulation to all singers (sopranos, tenors, contraltos, baritones) that have permitted us to enjoy light out of sundry tessituras.