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Tuesday, June 18, 2019
Friday, May 29, 2009

Kiribati Thanks Cuba for its Cooperation and Solidarity

Havana, May 29.- The vice-president of Kiribati, Teima Onorio, thanked Cuba on Thursday for the cooperation in the field of health received from the archipelago.
During a meeting in that small nation in the Pacific, Onorio highlighted the work of the Cuban medical brigade in her country, made up by 15 specialists, which has offered its services since 2006 to its some 105,000 inhabitants, CubaCoopera web site reports.

Likewise, she spoke about the 20 youngsters from Kiribati now studying medicine in Cuba, as an important contribution to the efforts of local authorities in the field of public health.

Cuba’s ambassador to Kiribati, Raúl Rodríguez, informed Vice-president Onorio abut the granting on the part of the Cuban government, of 15 new scholarships for Medicine and three at the International School of Physical Education and Sports.

The activity included the screening of a documentary on Cuba and the presentation of graphic material showing the students from Kiribati at the School of Medicine in Sandino, western Pinar del Río province.

Also participating in the meeting were the secretary of the Council of Ministers, Taam Biribo, the vice-secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affaire and Immigration, Tebao Awerika, and Dr. Geiny Nápoles, head of the Cuban Medical Brigade, among others. (acn)