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Wednesday, November 14, 2018
Wednesday, February 4, 2009

From Camagüey to Beijing: a path of victory

By Tay Toscano.

Camagüey’s lineage is present in Beijing. Thirteen of its children not only have stepped on the legendary soil of the People's Republic of China, but have also climbed up the winners’ podium to receive their Olympic medals.

It is not false pride, but sound feeling of knowing that our brothers and sisters are in the Asian giant, defending the colors of their country and province, a portion of land where talented youth abounds.

Side by side, we have wrestled with Brayson, and with him climbed the podium; his bronze medal also glitters on our chests, as the silver metal also shines around Yipsi Moreno’s neck when she won for Cuba with strength and passion.

Other athletes of Camagüey are in Beijing and although they haven’t gained any medal, their performances have been victorious. There we have volleyball star spiker Yumilka Ruiz -elected Thursday to the IOC athletes' commission- and Karel and his canoe. For them and many others have lived up moments of stress and joy this summer.

Beijing is close to end, in short the emotions of its tournaments will be the topic of commentaries. In another four years the world will come together again to celebrate another quadrennial event, but then we will remember the victorious path traced by 13 athletes from Camaguey to Beijing.