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Friday, May 25, 2018
Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Criticism Grows of U.S. Interference in Haitian Affairs

Port-au-Prince, Feb 16.- U.S. interference in Haitian affairs was denounced by representatives of the Lavalas Family Party, whose historic leader is former Haitian President Jean Bertrand Aristide.

Ansyto Felix, spokesman of the Lavalas Mobilization Commission, criticized U.S. official Phillip Crowley for saying that Aristide's possible return to Port-au-Prince before the runoffs would be an unfortunate distraction.

The Haitian Constitution does not provide for the exile situation, so it is hard to understand Aristide's forced exile in South Africa for seven years, Felix said.

The Lavalas Party plans to mobilize Friday to demand the annulment of the March 20 runoffs, and its inclusion as a political party in the election process, he said.

Felix's protest added to recent criticism by Aristide's personal lawyer Ira Kurzban, who said that Washington has no right to decide on the return of a former president to his home country. (Prensa Latina)