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Friday, February 6, 2009

Cubacatering in Camagüey: National Vanguard of the Transport Trade Union

By Pablo Cabero Viamontes.

Coffee shop at the International Airport Ignacio Agramonte. (Picture: Archive).As soon as the landing wheels of the red and white Canadian registered Boeing 737 touches the strip of the International Airport Ignacio Agramonte in Camagüey, the workers of that terminal prepare for serving the passengers of the flight.
For such a purpose, the staff (42 people) of Camagüey Cubacatering immediately begins to supply the airliner with food and reactivates different outlets located in the modern airport.

These employees, who belong to the Cuban Company of Airports and Aeronautical Services (ECASA), in the central zone of the Island, stands out for the excellence services they render to all the passengers that go by the modern installation that houses over 600 people.

For their excellent work, Camagüey Cubacatering classified among the best of their kind in Cuba, and for their economic and emulative results they deserved the Flag of National Vanguard of the Transport Trade Union, one of the highest recognition the Cuban Labour Federation (CTC).


Pablo Cabero (left) interviews David Peraza Izaguirre, manager of Cubacetering in Camagüey. (Picture: Archive).David Pedraza Izaguirre is the manager here of Cubacatering; in an exclusively interview for Radio Cadena Agramonte, he highlighted that the human quality of the personnel under his command is of fundamental importance to achieve the current and future goals.

Pedraza Izaguirre added that they are implementing with very good results the entrepreneurial economic improvement system with Cuban norms of quality, which are internationally recognized.

Behind Pedraza Izaguirre and I there is a big banner dedicated to the Cuban Five Heroes imprisoned in the United States for fighting terrorism. The executive took the opportunity of the interview to also denounce the anachronistic behaviour of the US government in the case.

Pedraza Izaguirre said that whereas the true terrorists in the United States -like Posada Carriles -, enjoyed a group of prerogative to evade impeachment, the Cuban Five are kept in jails because of a gut feeling against the Cuban Revolution, and he added that this situation is another prove of the double standard practiced by the US presidents.


Miriam Madrigal Betancourt is salesgirl of the Managerial Unit Camagüey Cubacatering; with 18 years of experience in this job, she highlighted that the entity has improved the efficiency in all its activities and in the service to the passengers.

Likewise, Andrés Bárzaga Quiroga said that they are always attentive to supply all the outlets within the terminal, in order to satisfying the different tastes of the people that come in and go out the largest and flattest territory in Cuba: the province of Camagüey.