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Tuesday, September 26, 2017
Sunday, April 17, 2011

VI Congress of the Party: Raúl Defends Premise of Doing More with Less

Camagüey, Cuba, Apr 16.- “Revolution will never leave Cuban alone”, the Second Secretary of the Cuban Communist Party, Raúl Castro Ruz, affirmed categorically when he spoke about urgent need of adopting economic and social measures that reduce expenses of the country.

Raúl explains that the aim is to help those who really demand it.
He also explained urgency of continuing, slowly but surely, process of rearranging of labour force. This process can mean a big insertion of the population in self-employment.

According to official statistics, from the last October 2010, more than 200 000 Cubans have joined this labour alternative, legally protected. On the topic, Raúl explained that this new kind of work will be a facilitating factor in construction of Socialism in Cuba.

“This way, the State will have major possibilities of fulfilling the Marti’s phrase present in the Constitution: Fundamental law of the Republic must be tribute of Cubans to the full dignity of man”; Raul said.

He emphasized need to do more with less. “To guarantee these conquests - Raul said - social programs will have to achieve major rationality”.

Also, he spoke about how Cuba is among the worlds most safe and calm countries, without drug trafficking, organized crime, clandestine jails and tortures, in spite of lies campaign of Cuba's enemies. (Arailaisy Rosabal García/ Radio Cadena Agramonte).