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Monday, October 21, 2019
Monday, February 9, 2009

New Cuban educational model: advantages of the Integral General Teacher

By Aramis González Cruz. 

The new educational model and the conception of the Integral General Teacher has made possible that the Cuban educational system can change their methods and work styles. Now students do not miss classes, the attendance to them increases, while the desertion diminishes.

The use of the audiovisual aids such as VCRs, Televisions and Personal Computers have been a key factor in this new model. Through these tools the system can accomplish the strategic goal of these transformations, which is to motivate the students for improving their levels of knowledge.

Undoubtedly, a method that combines the knowledge, the culture and the ethical values is the ideal way to educate to the little ones, who are turning into a decisive age.
The Cuban school systematically promotes subjects related with the history, the art, the economy and the science and consolidates the sound tradition of anthems and patriotic songs.

The bonds between the school and family tighten by regular visits of the teachers to the students’ houses. Likewise, the school summons to periodical meetings where the parents attend and participate giving opinions and suggestions.

The educational channels broadcast daily programs which support the contents of the diverse subjects and contribute to the general culture of the students. In addition, the frequencies of Math and Spanish lessons increase for being two basic subjects in all the grades.

The school libraries receive collections of encyclopaedias, atlas, dictionaries, and their bibliographical fund are updated, while new printing press are available in order to print the necessary texts.