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Sunday, February 17, 2019
Thursday, April 28, 2011

UN Security Council Resolution on Western Sahara

United Nations, Apr 28.- The United Nations Security Council analyzed a resolution on the Western Sahara, which does not include adding supervision of human rights to the UN mission for the conflict (MINURSO).
The inclusion of the task was recommended several months ago by the UN Human Rights Council, after the assault and dismantlement of a camp of Saharaui civilians on the part of Moroccan forces occupying that territory since 1975.

The resolution was presented to the 15 members of the organization in charge of peace and international security after being analyzed by the group of friends of the Western Sahara, integrated by Spain, the United States, France, Great Britain and Russia.

Spain was the colonial power in that territory until it left it in 1975 and the other four are permanent members of the Security Council and they enjoy the privilege of the veto .

That organization consulted Tuesday behind closed doors and they also studied a report of the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, on the problem.

In that document, Ki-Moon requested to extend for one year the command of Minurso and regretted the lack of progress in the different sessions of informal negotiations between the POLISARIO Front and the government of Morocco.

The UN Secretary General also avoided in his report the possibility of assigning the supervision of human rights to the contingent.

On the other hand, South Africa, a current non-permanent member of the Security Council, supported the suggestion rejected by Ban Ki-moon and other countries like France and the United States, and recalled that the surveillance in this aspect is carried out by 'all the existent missions of peace in the African continent'.

The statement was made by the South African Ambasador to the UN, Baso Sangqu, who demanded attention for all the accusations of violations of human rights in Western Sahara.

"We should apply in that territory the same standards that we apply in the Middle East and North Africa," he remarked.

The Minurso is formed by some 230 soldiers coming from 30 countries, among them Argentina, Brazil, El Salvador, Honduras and Uruguay, from Latin America.

Morocco and the Polisario Front are holding, since August 2009, without concrete results, a series of informal contacts prepared by the UN Security Council after the stagnation of official negotiations interrupted in March 2008.

The Western Sahara is included in the official list of 16 non-autonomous territories recognized as such by the UN Decolonization Committee.(Prensa Latina)