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Monday, December 17, 2018
Monday, February 9, 2009

The Preschool Education in Camagüey, Cuba

By Aramis González Cruz.

The Preschool Education in Camagüey.In order to harness the power of those children that still do not attend school nor any other daycare center, the actions of the Educa a tu Hijo Program intensify in Camagüey, where 98 percent of the child population aged under 6 years is linked to it.
These educational actions begin at home when the mother is pregnant and they contribute to raise the psychological and pedagogical levels of preparation within the family, with the support and active participation of diverse factors and social agents, including 107 promoters and around 26 thousand volunteers in the whole province.

The Educa a tu Hijo (Educate your Child) program attends 36 thousand children, and even when it is not institutional because is based on the activism of the community; the Sate gives it a special attention, since Educate your Child is part of Cuba’s educational policy.

Educate your Child is essentially an interdisciplinairy pedagogical program done by experts from different fields. In it they took into account compensatory treatments in case of any disability.

The program also includes the Community Education directed to the whole population in Cuba aiming at improving the levels of information and preparation for a better quality of life.

The educational attention given to the children and their families through the Educa a tu Hijo program in Camagüey is also a part of a well-rounded preparation for the kids who are entering the school, actions for which the family is always grateful.