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Monday, February 9, 2009

Álvaro Reynoso Task: studying is a way to employ the sugar industry workers

By Aramis González Cruz.

At the beginning of the 21st century the sugar workers in Cuba underwent the reordering of their industry and the shutting down of 70 sugar mills, necessary measure for the advance of the domestic economy.

Such a reordering was called Álvaro Reinos Task, honouring the Cuban scientist who so much contributed to the investigation of the sugar cane.
This program embraces the workers of this sector and the people living in nearby villages.

Álvaro Reinos Task consists on a necessary change of the employment profile and reorient the workers to agricultural and livestock activities, that is the production of food, the study as a way of employment and the anticipated retirement.

Fifteen premises were adapted as university venues in the rural settlements in Camagüey, for the training of 1 636 workers in careers such as Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Accounting and a discipline designed for this program: Agro-Industrial Processes Engineering, which is a very broad profile career.

Some 500 experienced professionals coming from the sugar cane industry are the professors that participate in the Universalization of the teaching here that advocates the rapprochement of the students to the areas where they live, boosts the scientific and technological development and multiplies the number of professionals.

Thanks to a budget of approximately 80 million pesos, the Álvaro Reinos Task has allowed to pay the salaries to more than 10 thousand sugar cane workers in Camagüey that had to abandon their positions in the production of sugar.

This Program of the Revolution is a reality and begins to give its first fruits in this fertile land.