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Saturday, January 23, 2021
Thursday, May 26, 2011

Havana Hosts Meeting of Latin American Parliament

Havana, Cuba, May 26.- The president of the Latin American Parliament (Parlatino) Elias Castillo, from Panama, assured this Thursday that the regional body is improving its work mechanism to become the legislative body of the future Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (Celac).

On the second day of meetings of Parlatino commissions, underway at the Barcelo Habana Ciudad Hotel, Castillo said talks are being held with the foreign ministries of the countries of the region to consolidate the entity as Celac’s legislative body.

Cuban parliament’s president Ricardo Alarcon said Cuba considers both institutions are very important and reiterated that the island will be always open for cooperation.

Parlatino is taking the experiences of similar institutions in other continents or regions such as the European Parliament (Eurochamber), Central American Parliament (Parlacen), Andean Community (Andean Parliament) and the South Common Market (Parlasur), among others, Castillo said.

The principal challenges of the organ, according to its president, are the need to reform and improve some of its statutes, and also to add the English language to the official languages of Parlatino in addition to Spanish and Portuguese.

Commission secretary of the regional entity, Daysi Tourne said the meeting is attended by representatives from 17 countries –of the 23 making up the bloc -, with the purpose of defining new tools for integrations and development for the countries located to the south of the Rio Bravo River.

Havana is currently hosting the 14th session of the commissions on Equity, Genre, Childhood and Youth, and Health; and the 15th Meeting of the Commission of Economic Affairs, Social Debt and Regional Development, said Tourne.

Parlatino was created on December 10 of 1964 following the Lima Declaration; it was institutionalized on November 16, 1987, in Lima,
Peru’s capital.

Currently based in Panama City, this regional intergovernmental, permanent and single-chamber body is made up of the democratically elected congresses and national legislative assemblies of the Latin American countries. (acn).