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Sunday, April 21, 2019
Thursday, June 16, 2011

Economic Thinking of Che Guevara Keeps its Lasting Value Nowadays

By Airam Fernández Casas/Radio Cadena Agramonte.

Who doesn’t know the famous picture taken by Alberto Korda that immortalized Che Guevara?, That one that we all have seen on covers of magazines, billboards, T-shirts and even on some people’s shoulders as tattooes; in which we see him self-absorbed, disheveled, looking far away as if he wanted to find out, on the horizon, what would be the challenges of the future days.

In deed, the picture of the guerrilla leader and Marxist revolutionary makes me think that he was able to predict the future of the peoples of this world.   

Today, when the violence and war sink their claws on nations in the Middle East and social movements expand across many major capitalist powers, it is urgent and essential to salvage the emancipating ideas of Ernesto Guevara, given that his theoretical and practical contributions on the building up of Socialism still keep their lasting value, even when his ideals can be enriched with new realities and experiences.

In the face of a voracious capitalism, which promotes insouciance and individualism as pre-eminent values, the world must be united, as it is happening in Latin America, where his ideals take root and a new society is being created, a society that puts the well-being of the humanity at the centre of its concern, where the men are able to feel by any injustice as their own and act accordingly.  

Today, when this island nation strives to update its economic model, it is critical to remember everyday the lasting validity of Che Guevara’s thoughts on this matter, a trench from which he battled so hard for our country could reach a better efficiency in the international arena, boosting the scientific development and the innovation as foundations for the economic development in an environment of competition.

Che Guevara’s concepts on the quality of the productions are implicit in the updating process underway in Cuba, as well as those related to the reduction of costs and the rise of productivity by using the most modern technologies, together with the professional growth of the workers.

When we all commemorate the 83 anniversary of his birthday (June 14, 1928), the principle of building up a new society by developing the productive factors along with creating a better human being have a further fundamental importance, because on the human being of the 21st century lies the continuity of the Cuban Revolution.