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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Green and Life Thrive at Pioneer’s Palace in Eastern Camagüey

By Rolando Sarmiento Ricart/ Radio Cadena Agramonte collaborator.

In Guáimaro, situated about 80 km east from the city of Camagüey, a palace has been built amid the green of the foliage where little princes -of popular pedigree-expand their knowledge on the ecosystem through a very healthy lifestyle.

La Edad de Oro (The Golden Age) is the name of this facility like the title of the book once wrote Cuba’s National Hero José Martí for the children of Cuba and of the world. This building features nine science clubs on diverse branches of the human knowledge including agriculture, but it is not restricted only to the classroom. The Pioneer Explorer Center provides the children with ecological tools which permit us to live harmoniously with the habitat without harming it.

Children and adolescents from six elementary and secondary schools located in the city of Guáimaro, and their teacher guides, posses the basic aids and materials. while teachers are well-trained to orient the students  on the agricultural mechanization, the cattle raising, the veterinarian activity and the assorted crops, which are highlights in the economic doing of this territory.


Dunia Martínez Bazán.

Young director of this Pioneer’ Palace Dunia Martínez Bazán, ensures that as from the upcoming school year on, the students will have not only the main facility and classrooms, but 10 cottages, a ranchón, kitchen - dining room, bathrooms and other premises where students will learn about geography, flora and fauna and other topics.

Construction brigades of the Ministry of Education, of the Primero de Mayo Cooperative Farm and of teachers and workers of the Pioneer’s Palace, are taking part in the construction efforts of the Pioneer Explorer Center, in which medical staff, instructors of the Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (INDER) and of the Ministry of Culture to organize sportive and cultural events, and two educationalists who will deal with programs of the elementary and secondary levels of education.

For nine years, Iraida Fillort Orive has been an Agronomy instructor: "Guáimaro has been a municipality of broadbased agricultural and rural development decisive for the economy in the province and the classes I give to these children deal with different kinds of soils, crops, fertilizers and about the different weeds, specially the sickle bush tree, and how to eliminate them. This kind of knowledge is critical for the children who would eventually shape their vocational inclination.

“Besides I’m also carrying out a project of reforestation, in which children and adolescents are involved and they show a great interest in protecting the nature, preserving and encouraging the woods, and the habitat not only for the plants and trees, but for many species of birds, reptiles, insects and animals”, she said.

Iraida also highlighted the urgent need to count on the present generations so that the next ones can survive in the face of the terrible danger posed by the climate change which is threatening to destroy to life on Earth. (Photos: Otilio Rivero Delgado/Translated by Gualveris Rosales Sanchez).