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Friday, December 14, 2018
Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rehabilitation Areas, another success of Cuba’s health sector

By Gleeybys Gómez Durva                     Photos Gualveris Rosales Sánchez

Cuba’s public health sector enjoys significant advances; a proof of such an assertion can be seen in the first level attention program, with the creation of new rehabilitation areas, which cause a very positive impact on the population.

In Camagüey city there are nine of these areas, situated in each area of health where more commonly the orthopaedic diseases are treated.

The opening of the Rehabilitation Area located in the policlinic Julio Antonio Mella on January 2004 multiplied the services of physiotherapy in town.

Clarimir Navarro Huerta, chief of the physiotherapists in the institution, assured that “they began to give new services to the population since the beginning of its foundation, services that include occupational and speech therapy and other treatments to disabled people. Likewise, a gym having several equipments was opened.”

The Natural and Traditional Medicine in the Rehabilitation Area Julio Antonio Mella is very popular. Nurse Rosa Maria Samá Francis - who is in charge of the discipline - pointed out that “ the consultation and treatment of acupuncture have had satisfactory results in the improvement of the patients’ health; other afflictions such as those related to cervical, or the sciatic nerve or bursitis, are treated for 10 days, a time in which the patient finds cure.

The personnel that work in the Rehabilitation Area Julio A. Mella, won the condition Moral Group, for the major results they have obtained, something that the population receives with great satisfaction.