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Friday, May 25, 2018
Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cuba Ratifies its Stance against Transnational Crime

Havana, Cuba, Jul 28.- Cuba’s commitment to fight drug trafficking and its political will to strengthen international cooperation regarding the issue was reaffirmed Thursday in Geneva by the island’s representative before the UN’s Economic and Social Council.

Prensa Latina reported in the recent ECOSOC meeting, the Cuban representative before the UN’s entity Yumirka Fernandez referred to Cuba’s systematic efforts on crime prevention implemented through multisectorial programs, recently held in Geneva.

Fernandez said the Cuban law prevents and punishes money laundry, arms trade and drug trafficking and other forms of organized crime.

However, the island’s representative insisted on improving and providing better comprehensive education to children, youths and the people in general as the cornerstone in crime prevention.

Fernandez explained that international collaboration, as long as based on the full respect to sovereignty and shared but differentiated responsibilities, is essential to efficiently prevent and face the problem.

Cuba’s anti drugs strategy has enabled the country to boast exceptional indicators in 2010, while the world has been whipped by such scourge.

According to a February report by the Cuban national police, 3,023 Kg of drugs were seized by the island’s authorities last year, a figure slightly lower that 2009’s.

A large part of the amount, which was mostly marihuana, landed in Cuba as part of 108 packages that were intercepted in Cuban shores, Granma daily reported back then.

Such facts –reads the police’s report- are associated to the incidence on international drug trafficking operations conducted in the area around the island.

In 2010, 38 suspicious boats were sighted and one was captured with three people from Bahamas aboard carrying 541 Kg of marihuana as they were sailing from Jamaica to Bahamas.

Meanwhile, in the air border 22 drug dealers (20 foreigners) involved in a similar number of operations were caught; in total 17 kg of narcotics were seized, mostly cocaine, from South America, Mexico and Spain.

A total 41 kg of drugs were confiscated nationwide, 11 less than in 2009, which ratifies the low impact of the phenomenon in Cuba and the hard work by the island’s authorities in handling such a complex issue.(ACN)