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Tuesday, December 11, 2018
Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Murder in the sky of Barbados: still an unpunished crime

By Rosa María Moros  

Funeral to the victims of Cubana airliner bombing on October 6th, 1976.The terrorist attack perpetrated against the Cubana Flight 455 departing from Barbados, 33 years ago now, is still unpunished, and the masterminds of that abominable murder today enjoy protection in the US soil.

Few minutes after taking off from the international airport Seawell, in Barbados, the DC-8 CUT 1201 airplane blew up in mid air. Some miles off the coast, 57 Cubans, eleven Guyanese and five Korean passengers sunk in the Caribbean Sea.

It was neither the first, nor the last; but on October 6, 1976 the US Imperialism committed one of the bloodiest crimes against Cuba.

The sabotage was plotted in Caracas. Luis Posada Carriles and Orlando Bosch Avila employed two Venezuelans to do the massacre: Hernán Ricardo and Freddy Lugo. Detained and arrested in Caracas, they were tried on charges by judge Delia Estava Moreno.

But soon she was obliged to abandon the case, while the terrorists found shelter under the shadow of those who planned the crime.

The beautiful human load, that that day disappeared in the bottom of the sea; is remembered by the Cuban people every day. Two girls from the eastern province of Camagüey –Inés Luaces and Milagro Peláez— were members of Cuba’s fencing team (24 athletes) that had won at the Central American and the Caribbean Games and died that day.

At the massively attended funeral oration, Cuban Prime Minister Fidel Castro unmasked the murderers and their sponsors, and affirmed: “In the face of cowardice and the monstrosity of such crimes the people get fired up and each man and woman becomes a fierce and heroic soldier willing to die..”

Today, 30 years after that horrible crime, the Homeland looks proudly upon those men and women, victims of the terrorism made in the USA. They, together with many other martyrs, will live forever in the heart of every Cuban.